Boozy gifts for that special person


Lockett Bros team Xmas

Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re still struggling to find that perfect gift for a certain someone, we might have just saved your bacon!

Buying someone a simple bottle of wine may seem a little bland for someone who means much more so we have carefully selected what we think are the best gifts for people who appreciate a little tipple.

Stocking Filler – Lockett Bros coasters

If you’re looking for something unique yet still conventional our range of coasters may be the gift for your friends and family. Like the top of a whisky cask, these coasters will fit perfectly in a Christmas stocking.

In three different styles, you can choose from the Bass, Craigleith or Fidra design.

Couple gift – Whisky Stave tea light holder

Couples can be the hardest people to buy for. They may not have similar tastes, making it even harder to buy just one present which is never a good thing! We may have the solution. The whisky stave tea light holder is a beautiful statement piece which would fit into anybody’s home. Each of the holders are made from an ex-whisky barrels adding a unique touch.

Fussy recipient – Lockett Brothers gift voucher

We all know someone who has everything or they don’t like any of the presents you buy them. So why not leave the decision up to them? But instead of getting them the usual high street voucher give them a voucher to spend on beautiful wines, whiskies and gins.

Whisky fanatic – Glencairn water jug

Every whisky lover knows that if you add a touch of water to some fine whisky it enhances the flavour, so you need a special whisky water jug. This is for all the whisky lovers who like to drink whisky the proper way!

Triple whammy – Whisky stave gift set

For something extra special this Christmas why not give your friends or family one of our whisky stave gift sets. The set includes ‘The Bass’ Bunnahabhain 23yo single cask 20cl, Glencairn glass and Glencairn water jug all seated on a unique whisky barrel. Not only does this look beautiful as an ornament but it’s practical!

The miniature Bunnahabhain is a beautiful drink all year round but is best enjoyed with friends and family sitting around the fire with a belly full of turkey!

New homeowners – Whisky stave coat hanger

For those friends or family that have just recently moved house, they may be feeling a little stressed and worn out after the big move.

Some would get them moving-in presents like utensils or that big crockery pot that they’ll never use but this whisky stave coat hanger brings character into their new home.

Made from an ex-whisky barrel, this will add the perfect touch to their new home.

We have many more exciting and beautiful gifts on our website here, along with an amazing range of wines and spirits!