Amalaya Malbec Blend


I must say Malbec has to be one of my least favourite of all the red varietals but when blended in with other varietals I become a whole lot more excited. Within the Old World, Malbec is primarily found in South-West France most notably in the Cahors region, my wine of the week however is a Malbec blend from a country that can pretty much can claim Malbec as its own, Argentina. It truly is its national variety and it continues to thrive here. Amalaya Red Blend (£11) has been a fixture within the shop for forever and you’ll soon find out why. The estates‘ vineyards are located in the Cafayate Valley in the very heart of the Calchaqui Valley, distinguished for being the highest wine region in the world. The climate here is very dry, with just 150mm of rain in an average year and a huge temperature difference of around 20°C. The soils here are rocky, poor and sandy so the roots of the vines are forced to dig deep to find the vital nutrients and water they need, which in turn results in a huge concentration of flavour within the fruit. The average age of the vines is 35 years old. Deep ruby red colour with purple edges. Intense fruity aromas of red berries, raspberries and plums with a touch of spiciness and a touch of chocolate. Very well structured, fresh and fruity in the mouth with soft and rounded tannins. Velvety with a long finish. There’s so much more to say about this wine and why the addition of Cabernet and Merlot really completes the wine but I’ve already well over my allocated space.