Australian wine: Time to get down with it


Australian wine

Apparently, the global perception of Australian wine doesn’t match the high-quality reality, according to Wine Australia. This puzzles us.

We’ve long been massive fans of all that the great Land Down Under has to offer and especially its wine so we wrongly assumed the whole world felt the same.

But nope. Apparently there are still swathes of people who’d rather stick with the tried and tested favourites than try an Aussie offering. We have to change this!

Those who don’t take a gamble (and it’s not even a gamble) with Australian wines are missing out. Australia produces some of the finest wines in the world!

Australian wines are some of the most diverse you could ever hope to come across, from its finesse-filled Cabernets to its world-class Chardonnays, Australia really does have something for every wine lover.

So, just to be clear, we love Australian wine. You should too.

Here’s a little nugget of trivia for you. Despite being a New World wine, Australia actually boasts some of the oldest grapevines. The first vines arrived around 1830 and the country was originally phylloxera free so these vines thrived.

Today, some of the most glorious wines are produced from these rare grapevines. Still want to give Australia wines that new and shiny tag? Didn’t think so.

Of course, Australia is a young producer, relatively speaking, and that does bring its own benefits. Innovation is probably the most valuable.

As you probably know, many of the classic Old World producers adhere rigidly to their time-honoured fashions of wine making. Understandable. Why would you change a winning formula?

But Australia, in wine-making terms, doesn’t have these ancient tried and tested methods. It can break free from those shackles and try new and exciting things in the production of their wines. And that’s exactly what many Australian wine producers do.

Innovation is one of the biggest strengths of Australian wine. Aussie producers love to experiment with new grape varieties and techniques to further enhance what is already a fantastic product.

As you would expect, the first vines to make it to Australia were French but as the Australian wine industry has grown, so too has the desire to seek out something different.

Italian varieties are becoming more prominent in Australia as are many of the Italian techniques, so that next Australian wine you buy could be mistaken for a Southern Italian classic!

When you put the words “Australian” and “Shiraz” together when talking to wine connoisseurs you usually get one of two reactions. They’ll either laugh uncontrollably at your stupidity or they’ll simply walk away.

It’s safe to say that wine lovers don’t hold much love for an Aussie Shiraz but we are going to stick our necks on the line and say there are good ones.

Still reading? OK, good. Yes, the Australian Shiraz has taken a battering from critics and with good reason as many were awful but that is changing.

Modern Australian Shiraz wines are elegant and complex and will probably surprise you and your friends if you’re willing to take a leap of faith and try one.

In fact, we have one here that we would suggest!

Australians know how to live the good life and wine is a massive part of that. Try an Australian wine today and you won’t regret it!

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