Carn Mor Stricly Limited Caol Ila 7yo


Fans of good single malt whisky and visitors to the shop will be well aware of the quality of the Carn Mor Strictly Limited independent bottlings from Morrison and Mackay Whisky Merchants. The quality of their bottlings are always exceptionally high and it’s one of their latest releases that has got us all giggling with excitement and become a default recommendation for anyone looking for an interesting bottle of whisky- Carn Mor Strictly Limited Caol Ila 7yo (£40). You’re not dreaming, I promise this is for real. A Caol Ila bottling from only two bourbon hogsheads and for only £40!!! Another reason why you might not want to hang around is that this is a small batch bottling of which we received less than 50 bottles. Classic peaty Islay nose which I can guarantee will make you grin from ear to ear, however it’s on the palate where the real fun begins. Despite being packed with big bonfire smoke, it’s got the most incredible sweetness that balances things out so harmoniously. A drop of water mellows out the beast and brings out even more lush sweetness. Such an incredible example of Caol Ila and what Islay is all about and really isn’t one to be missed. Come down and have a taste if you still need convincing.