Carn Mor Strictly Limited Glentauchers 5yo – 46%


My Month of the month on this occasion my surprise one or two folk, a Glentauchers 5 year old Single Sherry cask (£40). This would have surprised me a year or so ago but since then we come across many single malts equally youthful but utterly brilliant. It again emphasises the point that the cask is the most important element in whisky and if you find a good one they can taste sublime after just a few years. This Sherry Puncheon from the Glentauchers Distillery on Speyside was originally earmarked for the next batch of Old Perth Blended Malt (My Malt of the Month for December 2014) but when the cask arrived and bottlers tasted it, they were completely convinced it should be bottled as a single cask despite its relatively young age. The creamy and sweet sherry cask notes come through really well, I am delighted we got a chunk of the small amount of bottles allocated for the UK. It is totally un chartered territory for the bottlers Morrison and Mackay but they have been delighted by the reaction. Only 150 will be sold in the UK and the rest of the bottles from the cask (918 in total) are already sold out so it is safe to say it has been a hit with the shops and distributors. It will be interesting now to see how the public react to it. We’ve got a bottle on tasting so come in for a taste, I guarantee you too will be surprised.