Things that will definitely happen on Christmas Day…


Christmas is a day devoted to stereotypes and clichés, no matter how hard you try to avoid them. From eating the Christmas dinner to gathering round the TV, Christmas is a time when families reunite and settle down into the classic traditions that occur once every year. Here are 20 things that are more than likely to happen on your Christmas day. The ‘emergency chairs’ once again make an appearance as the extended family have joined your six-seater dining table, but somehow you all squeeze in… even if there is a height difference. The contents of those crackers you buy every year will still be just as bad…but you still buy them. The period just after eating dinner when the adults are cleaning up, the kids are running wild with their new toys and the elders are…fast asleep on the sofa. That ‘special’ bottle of single malt whisky that dad has kept on the highest shelf, not to be opened...
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Boozy gifts for that special person


Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re still struggling to find that perfect gift for a certain someone, we might have just saved your bacon! Buying someone a simple bottle of wine may seem a little bland for someone who means much more so we have carefully selected what we think are the best gifts for people who appreciate a little tipple. Stocking Filler – Lockett Bros coasters If you’re looking for something unique yet still conventional our range of coasters may be the gift for your friends and family. Like the top of a whisky cask, these coasters will fit perfectly in a Christmas stocking. In three different styles, you can choose from the Bass, Craigleith or Fidra design. Couple gift – Whisky Stave tea light holder Couples can be the hardest people to buy for. They may not have similar tastes, making it even harder to buy just one present which is never a good thing!...
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Dos and don’ts at your work Christmas party


Are you rejoicing that it’s nearly the end of a long hard-working year? It also means it’s finally time for that well-deserved Christmas break and what better way to end your working year with a party? A work party can be very different to a classy night on the town though, be warned. There are a few universal rules that you may have to take into consideration to ensure you still have your job come Monday morning!  Do continue with the pretence that you like everyone at work. Sometimes thoughts are best kept inside your head. It’s one night you have to keep up the illusion that everyone in your office is on your good side. Don’t let the old truth serum spoil that.          Don’t get wasted and tell everyone what you really think, this could end rather badly.          Do remember to be responsible and have a glass of water every so...
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Get yourself St Andrew’s Day-ready!


It’s that beautiful time of year again when we Scots can shout from the hills in celebration of St Andrew, our patron saint. But what is being Scottish? Is it all whisky, Irn Bru, hills and deep fried Mars bars? No. Are we going to pull out some more tired old stereotypes? Maybe. Anyway, St Andrew’s Day will be celebrated not just in Scotland but all over the world. Here are Lockett Bros’ suggestions for making this St Andrew’s Day one to remember. Make sure you have your own Scottish playlist with some killer anthems from some killer Scottish artists. Should the Proclaimers be on there? Absolutely. Don’t forget the decorations! Bombard your house with the iconic St Andrew’s Cross, which is actually one of the oldest national flags in the world, and, according to legend, first appeared in battle in East Lothian (Lockett Bros’ home) in 832AD. Whether you want to have a formal evening or a casual affair,...
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Do your worst Abigail, we’ll be in front of the fire with a drink


‘Tis the season to drink and be merry (almost) so sit back and enjoy a little evening treat in front of a roaring fire! Winter is now most definitely here with Storm Abigail is bearing down on the UK. But don’t let this miserable weather get you down. There’s something strangely enjoyable about listening to a roaring storm as you sip a drink from the comfort of your home. Hurricane Abigail can throw what she wants at us. We’ll be fine in front of the fire with one of these beauties! Casa Silva Cool Coast Pinot Noir This is Casa Silva’s second 100 per cent Paredones-grown wine and a new addition to their ‘Cool Coast’ line. Planted on the coastal hills (hence the name) near the Pacific Ocean, this wine is dominated by the red fruits of pomegranate, cherries and strawberries. There’s a subtle but definite hint of cinnamon giving this wine a perfect winter touch. BUY NOW Alpha Zeta...
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Drinks to ensure fireworks at your bonfire party


Halloween is over and Christmas is not quite here yet, but Bonfire Night is tomorrow! Whether you’re having a big bang of a party or just a little gathering, make sure your drinks are on fire with our suggestions! The Sparkler To start the night off try The Sparkler. It’s a sharp drink and a real cracking way to really get your party started! For this you will need: Tequila, sparkling wine (we’d suggest Bortolomiol Prosecco Frizzante), raspberry liquor and lychee liquor. Simply combine 30ml of Tequila, 150ml of lychee liquor and 150ml of raspberry liquor in the bottom of a champagne flute and top it off with sparkling wine for a superb way to kick your night off!     Fire Cracker This simple-to-make drink will set the taste buds alight and get you in the mood for the  fireworks show. All you will need for this is: Vodka (go for Arbikie Potato Vodka), Blue Curacao and tonic. Mix...
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Are you a whisky snob? Find out now!


Are you sitting comfortably in your vintage leather armchair, next to a roaring open fire, overlooking the grounds of your sprawling country estate? Do you have the finest cigar in one hand and your trusty gun dog at your feet? If this is you right now then you could be considered to be amongst the elite of whisky drinkers! But don’t worry if you are still making your mark in the whisky world, here’s our top 10 signs that could help you to be the whisky snob you have always longed to be…unless you already are! Single malt all the way It’s commonly known in the drinks world that one should never mix drinks and this is also so true in the world of whisky. Single malt is, and forever shall be, the divine right of whisky connoisseurs. If you’re trying to pass yourself off as an expert, hide the blends. If you are a true drinker, blended whisky is...
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Vodka cocktails to blow your socks off


When it comes to cocktails, there is so much to choose from that you might be a little intimidated but many of them are easy to make – you’re only limited by your imagination so let it run riot! From classic to crazy, vodka cocktails have never gone out of fashion and they’re always delicious, especially when the summer weather is playing ball! At Lockett Bros, we put all the emphasis on quality and it’s no different with vodka choices. Thinking about using cheap vodka for a cocktail? Okay, you can leave the room! Sub-standard vodka will only result in a sub-standard cocktail, so just don’t do it! So which ones are the best? Well, of course, that’s a matter of taste, but here are three of our favourites. We’ve even suggested the best vodka to use in each of them. Vodka Martini Could you have a blog on vodka cocktails without a Vodka Martini? Of course not! It’s the...
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How to fake it as a wine expert


Are you a wine expert? If the answer is yes, then good for you. You know your stuff and you can hold your own with any wine connoisseurs. But what if you’re not an expert? You might love a good wine and you’re pretty good at knowing a decent one from a bad one but when it comes to the intricacies of wine tasting, that might be when you start to panic. Well, we’re here to help you! You might not want to spend hours researching wine trends and tasting notes. Perhaps you want to go for the quicker (some might say lazier) route and fake your way to being a wine expert. But how do you do it? Easy! Follow our tips and you can hold your own in any wine conversation, kind of. DISCLAIMER: If you’re found out to be a fraud, we at Lockett Bros won’t be held responsible for your public humiliation. Take your time and...
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Gin and food: The ultimate pairings


We all know about food pairings for our favourite wines but most of us aren’t so confident when it comes to pairing foods with spirits, such as gin. Gin has experienced an incredible resurgence over the last few years and is now arguably the most fashionable drink to enjoy in bars or at home. In Scotland alone, several world-class craft gin distilleries have popped up over recent years including NB Gin (distilled in North Berwick, the home of Lockett Bros) and Daffy’s Gin, which makes incredible use of Lebanese mint in its drink. When you think of gin, you probably first think about the classic Gin & Tonic and which garnishes to use, and you might even think of funky gin cocktails, but what food to eat? We doubt that even comes to mind. But it should. There are few more enjoyable treats than a big-hitting gin with a suitably matched menu. Of course, we at Lockett Bros are always...
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