Kwaremont Beer


This is the first occasion that I’ve done a piece on a beer, strange seeing as we’re as enthusiastic about them as we are wine and whisky. We have an area dedicated craft producers, granted most are Scottish, however this piece is being allocated to one from the country whose name epitomizes beer production; Belgium. The Kwaremont is famous for being one of the most iconic stretches of road in world cycling. A steep 2.2km section of cobbles that comes towards the end of the 265km race of The Tour of Flanders. Imagine the excitement when I find myself on the Kwaremont for this year’s edition of the Tour of Flanders slurping on none other than Kwaremont beer watching the pros race past. So after weeks of messing around, a shipment of this brilliant Belgian beer has just arrived. Would it taste as good as on that wonderful spring day in the Flemish Ardennes?? OH YES!! It’s been a week and I...
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Things that will definitely happen on Christmas Day…


Christmas is a day devoted to stereotypes and clichés, no matter how hard you try to avoid them. From eating the Christmas dinner to gathering round the TV, Christmas is a time when families reunite and settle down into the classic traditions that occur once every year. Here are 20 things that are more than likely to happen on your Christmas day. The ‘emergency chairs’ once again make an appearance as the extended family have joined your six-seater dining table, but somehow you all squeeze in… even if there is a height difference. The contents of those crackers you buy every year will still be just as bad…but you still buy them. The period just after eating dinner when the adults are cleaning up, the kids are running wild with their new toys and the elders are…fast asleep on the sofa. That ‘special’ bottle of single malt whisky that dad has kept on the highest shelf, not to be opened...
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Get yourself St Andrew’s Day-ready!


It’s that beautiful time of year again when we Scots can shout from the hills in celebration of St Andrew, our patron saint. But what is being Scottish? Is it all whisky, Irn Bru, hills and deep fried Mars bars? No. Are we going to pull out some more tired old stereotypes? Maybe. Anyway, St Andrew’s Day will be celebrated not just in Scotland but all over the world. Here are Lockett Bros’ suggestions for making this St Andrew’s Day one to remember. Make sure you have your own Scottish playlist with some killer anthems from some killer Scottish artists. Should the Proclaimers be on there? Absolutely. Don’t forget the decorations! Bombard your house with the iconic St Andrew’s Cross, which is actually one of the oldest national flags in the world, and, according to legend, first appeared in battle in East Lothian (Lockett Bros’ home) in 832AD. Whether you want to have a formal evening or a casual affair,...
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It’s the Lockett Bros Awards! Let’s drink to that!


It’s nearly the end of the year and what a year it has been! To celebrate in style, here at Lockett Brothers we decided to host our own awards ceremony for all the delicious whisky, wine and spirits you have enjoyed. When we say “host our own awards ceremony,” we mean write a blog. Ahem. So, let’s have a look at which wines and spirits we went a little bit nuts about this year. Wine of the Year So many exceptional wines enjoyed this year but our winner comes from our friends over in France. The Boisset Bourgogne Chardonnay is our choice, albeit a difficult one. Its fresh mineral character distinguishes it from the competitors. It is deeper than some of its classic contemporary whites and offers a polished acidity that is insanely good. Whisky of the Year Although this whisky was matured in 2003 and not bottled until 2013, it has still become our choice for whisky of 2015....
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A peaty problem: Islay peat to run out by 2021?


A shocking problem has been revealed in the world of whisky. The beautiful Scottish island of Islay, famous for its whisky distilleries, has been struck unlucky by an accidental discovery, which suggests its peat could run out by 2021. A moment of silence for the terrible news please. This all started with a feasibility study, conducted by a company looking into opening a new distillery on the island. From the study, a significant drop in peat beds was discovered. The last survey was conducted in 1980 but there is a possibility that several mistakes were made as various assumptions were concluded from only a few core samples. This made the recent study even more shocking for many in the industry. Why should Islay whisky lovers be worried? What does peat have to do with whisky in the first place? If you’re not a whisky connoisseur, these are valid questions. Well, peat is influential in the taste of many whiskies. But...
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