What your wine taste says about you


Wine tastes are a curious thing and they can say an awful lot about a person, we reckon. In fact, there’s even been some serious research done into what wine preference says about our character. So, in a completely unscientific way we at Lockett Bros decided to come up with a little guide about what your wine-tippling tastes and desires say about you. We produced a similar guide for whisky – which you can read here – and you seemed to love it. So for the wine connoisseurs, and for those who might only have a passing interest in wines, here’s the not-so-definitive Lockett Bros Wine Personality Guide. Sauvignon Blanc You are the dependable one in your circle of friends. People value your opinion and many seek counsel with you. You certainly know how to enjoy yourself but you never, ever go overboard. You’re not one for being particularly experimental and you’ve probably holidayed at the same location for the...
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