Domaine Pignier Cremant du Jura


I absolutely love good sparkling wine and it was only a few weeks ago that we were at a tasting and discovered possibly the finest example that we’ve ever tasted. Domaine Pignier Cremant du Jura (£20). The quality of this wine was extraordinary and as we probed further into why this wine was so good the evidence was clear. We tasted many Champagnes two or three times the price of this that would embarrass themselves if they were to be found side by side in a taste off. The grower clearly values the importance of the work they do in our vines and carry out constant and advanced research into biodynamic viticulture. Being the only wine growers in the village, they are ideally placed to tend our vines organically and preserve the numerous strains of wild yeast present in the environment. With grapes of such high quality, there can be no question of excessive intervention in the cellar and follow this principle through to its conclusion by respecting Demeter’s Winemaking Standard (no added sugar or yeast, or any other winemaking additives, little or no S02). A brilliant pale yellow colour with green tints, enlivened by fine, dense bubbles. The nose is intense and elegant, with floral notes (acacia, hawthorn) and hints of brioche (sweet bun). A fresh, predominantly flowery attack with a creamy, elegant effervescence. Fruity in the mouth with a lively, sophisticated, harmonious finish.