Five facts you probably didn’t know about whisky


World Whisky Day

Tomorrow is World Whisky Day (Saturday, May 16th) and we at Lockett Bros are getting all misty-eyed about the drink.

We love whisky and we feel pretty blessed to be based in the country that just so happens to make the best whisky in the world. Come on, Scotland is the country that gave whisky to the world… even if some people want to dispute that fact.

So to celebrate the great Scotch Whisky, here are five things you probably didn’t know about whisky. Have a think about these when you’re enjoying a dram or two over the weekend!

Angel's share

Angels love whisky

We’re sorry if that sounds a wee bit blasphemous but it’s true. Think we’ve perhaps had one too many drams? Nope.

Ever heard of the term, “the Angel’s share”? What this actually refers to is the four per cent of whisky that evaporates every year before it’s bottled.

The good news is that once it is bottled, there’s no more sharing it with angels. It’s all for you!


Water of life

Whisky means “water of life”

In Gaelic whisky translates to “uisge beatha”, which means “water of life”. Given how much our Scottish forefathers and modern-day whisky connoisseurs love whisky, it’s difficult to argue with that definition.






Whisky is just beer… eh?

At its most basic level, whisky is a distilled beer. The difference is that no hops are added to the “wash” from the malted barley. Of course, once it’s distilled and aged then it’s no longer anything like beer. The early stages of production are very similar though.






If it’s not Scottish, it’s not scotch

Scotch is a byword for whisky these days but anyone who uses the word “scotch” to describe any old whisky has got it completely wrong.

For a whisky to be classed as “Scotch” it must be distilled AND matured in Scotland. So the next time someone asks you if you would like a scotch before giving you a drink that’s not made in Bonnie Scotland, feel free to teach them this lesson (be nice about it though).


Whisky export

Scotland exports a billion bottles of whisky a year

Scotland’s whisky industry is massive and to highlight that, it is estimated that around one billion bottles of whisky are exported from Scotland every year.

The USA is the biggest importer of Scotch whisky, with sales of around £800 million. France is second – but someway behind – with around £390 million of sales.




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