Five superb New World wines to try in 2016



A New Year, a fresh start, right? So why not leap into 2016 enjoying the future of wine as we know it.

We predict 2016 to be the year of big reds, especially New World offerings.

New World wines, for those who may not know, come from countries that were once colonies, such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Chile.

They tend to have much hotter climates than Old World Wine origins, and this tends to give the produce a much fuller body, creating much bolder fruit flavours.

Unlike their Old World counterparts, New World wines have no strict rules or regulations imposed on them. Wine makers are free to experiment in any which way they please, making the wine more varied and exciting!

Here are our top 5 New World Wines to look out for in 2016

snapper rock pinot noir

Snapper Rock Pinot Noir

Snapper Rock is a beautiful drink, perfect for any evening. It is a bright garnet colour with the aromas of fresh red fruits – raspberries and strawberries with a hint of violet.

Beautifully balanced in acidity, it has a delicate floral character making it smooth in taste. Its savoury undertones with dried herbs make it the perfect drink for a roast chicken dinner.




Logan Weemala  Tempranillo

Logan Weemala Pinot Noir

This classy Australia is worth talking about. It’s a very elegant drink with the aromas of classic berries accompanied with just a hint of cinnamon. On the palate the fresh cranberry and cherry flavours are the more prominent tones but there are definite earthy tones of tea leaves too.






Meerlust Rubicon


 Meerlust Rubicon 2009

This Bordeaux-style wine is made in South Africa. The intense climate which the grapes were curated in creates the full bodied taste which you will experience in this stunner.

In colour the Meerlust is a deep ruby shade. On the nose you will find a muskier deep cedar smoke contrasted with dark fruity tones.

On the palate this wine keeps the intense plum and blackcurrant hits.




casa silva gran reserva cabernet sauvignon

Casa Silva Reserva Carmenere

This single grape wine comes from Chile, giving it the spicy origins of a Shiraz mixed with the deep nature of a Merlot. In colour the Casa Silva is a beautiful ruby red contrasted with black cherry and woodland herb aromas.

There’s subtle notes of coffee and other earthy tones. Perfect with most red meat but even better with game.





Mount Horrocks Cabernet Sauvignon

Mount Horrocks Cabernet Sauvignon

Our last New World Wine is the superb Mount Horrocks Cabernet Sauvignon. Originating in Australia, this wine offers a well-rounded textured taste, full of flavour. On the nose there are aromas of both red and black forest berries with undertones of mint and oak. There’s a delightful spicy edge to this complex wine.








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