Get yourself St Andrew’s Day-ready!


St Andrew's Day

It’s that beautiful time of year again when we Scots can shout from the hills in celebration of St Andrew, our patron saint.

But what is being Scottish? Is it all whisky, Irn Bru, hills and deep fried Mars bars?

No. Are we going to pull out some more tired old stereotypes? Maybe.

Anyway, St Andrew’s Day will be celebrated not just in Scotland but all over the world.

Here are Lockett Bros’ suggestions for making this St Andrew’s Day one to remember.

Make sure you have your own Scottish playlist with some killer anthems from some killer Scottish artists. Should the Proclaimers be on there? Absolutely.

Don’t forget the decorations! Bombard your house with the iconic St Andrew’s Cross, which is actually one of the oldest national flags in the world, and, according to legend, first appeared in battle in East Lothian (Lockett Bros’ home) in 832AD.

Whether you want to have a formal evening or a casual affair, kilts are a must… or at least a touch of tartan.

St Andrew’s Day wouldn’t be what it is without our greatest creation – whisky.

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Working on St Andrew’s Day? Nae bother. You can still have (sober) fun.

Have a bash at the ‘Ultimate Scottish quiz’ on your lunch break. The person with the least correct answers has to buy the first round after work.

Grab some blue and white face paints and paint the saltire on your face.

Get out and see Scotland

Many attractions in Scotland have brilliant offers so you can go and enjoy what the country has to give.

Some of the offers include 2 for 1 tickets at Edinburgh Dungeons and two tickets for £10 at Funicular railway in the Cairngorms.

The Palace of Holyrood House and The Queen’s Gallery are offering free entry all day and have a whole host of activities to join in on.

Celebrations in Edinburgh

Once again Edinburgh is putting on a whole host of events on one big stage in St Andrew Square, all free of charge.

Starting off with a performance of Julia Donaldson’s brilliant children’s book ‘Stick Man – Live on Stage’ at 11am and then the award-winning Blazin’ Fiddles at 7:30 pm.

Get your ceilidh on

From the Gay Gordons to the Virginia Reel, it’s a guilty pleasure for most of us, but one that you shouldn’t avoid this St Andrew’s day. You can’t beat some Scottish dancing.

Whatever you get up to on this most Scottish of days, whether you are in the capital dancing in St Andrew Square or singing your heart out at your local pub, we wish you a very Happy St Andrew’s Day!

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