It’s the Lockett Bros Awards! Let’s drink to that!



It’s nearly the end of the year and what a year it has been!

To celebrate in style, here at Lockett Brothers we decided to host our own awards ceremony for all the delicious whisky, wine and spirits you have enjoyed.

When we say “host our own awards ceremony,” we mean write a blog. Ahem.

So, let’s have a look at which wines and spirits we went a little bit nuts about this year.

Wine of the Year

So many exceptional wines enjoyed this year but our winner comes from our friends over in France.

The Boisset Bourgogne Chardonnay is our choice, albeit a difficult one. Its fresh mineral character distinguishes it from the competitors. It is deeper than some of its classic contemporary whites and offers a polished acidity that is insanely good.

Whisky of the Year

Although this whisky was matured in 2003 and not bottled until 2013, it has still become our choice for whisky of 2015.

The young’un (relatively speaking) we chose was the Balblair 2003, it’s a beautiful honey whisky from a classic Scottish distillery.

With a floral and light citrus nose complemented by tones of oranges, lemons and of course honey, it’s a whisky of real character. If it were a person, you’d want to hang out with it every single day.

Vodka of the Year

Craft vodkas – much like craft gins – are big and it’s about time they got the credit they deserve.

The joy of classic sharp vodka is that there are many ways to enjoy it.

We chose a vodka that suits perfectly with any mixer or even neat – if you dare!

NB London Dry Citrus Vodka is our winner for this category. With an incredible back story, NB Vodka is a new addition to the NB family.

It’s also innovative. NB Vodka is officially the world’s first citrus vodka distilled using the London Dry technique.

With an understated zing, this vodka is really something special.

Best bottle design 

Looking like it would be more at home in a James Bond movie, the Bruichladdich Octomore Scottish Barley 6.1 wins best bottle design.

Seriously, it doesn’t get any slicker.

The great news is what’s inside the bottle is also damn good.

Most obscure name

Death’s Door is a triple distilled gin using only three botanicals!

It’s a well-rounded gin so you could say you’ll be at Death’s Door quite often.

Coming across the pond from the USA the genius name adds even more character to this distinguished gin.

Best organic wine

Organic wines have seen huge growth in 2015 with even more potential in 2016.

Made from grapes grown without any synthetic herbicides, fertilizers or fungicides these wines are intriguing and really, really enjoyable.

Our winner for the best organic wine goes to the Benjamin Leroux Volnay. Creating a seamless medley of fruity notes, it’s the perfect addition to your wine rack.

You can buy the winning wines, whiskies and spirits from our store here.