Logan Cuvee ‘M’ Vintage 2014


Logan bubbly is finally back after its long journey from Central New South Wales and it’s been amazing to see people’s reactions to this particular wine returning back to the shelves. It’s felt like a the shop is complete again now that it’s back and there aren’t many products that have that effect and peoples loyalty to this brilliant fizz is a joy to behold and what makes it even more special is that it’s exclusive to us in the UK. So after a 6 month hiatus, it’s back, and tasting better than ever. (Knowing me I’ve probably under ordered again so will no doubt run out, you’d think 100 six packs might be enough). With its high altitude and cold climate, Orange is one of the few wine growing areas in Australia suitable for the production of truly classy, classic style sparkling wine. Grown at 930 metres above sea level, the ripening temperatures are similar to that of the sparkling region of France. Produced in the traditional method, the Logan ‘M’ Cuvee 2014 is made from the classic French sparkling varieties of chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier. A lovely rose gold colour with very fine bubbles and a persistent mousse, the Logan Vintage ‘M’ Cuvée is comprised predominantly of chardonnay, with approximately 20% pinot noir and 20% pinot meunier. The red pinot varieties contribute a wild strawberry and spice element to the perfume whilst the chardonnay component creates an elegant and luscious sparkling wine, with complex nut, biscuit and zippy lemon aroma that leads into a crisp but full palate and a lovely long finish.

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