Montanar Organic Verdejo


The one good thing about January and February is the fun time we have buzzing around and getting to as many tastings as we possibly can in order to keep tabs on things and fine tune the range for the upcoming season. People are really upping their game with improvements and quality just about everywhere for all to behold. I really didn’t expect a white wine from La Mancha in Spain to make quite such an impression on me but wow you’ve just got to give this one a go and even better, it’s only a tenner!! Montanar Verdejo. Montañar means ‘mountainous’, and the winery takes its name from the Serrania de Cuenca  mountain range in Castilla-La Mancha. The wines come from the family run winery established by the three Parra brothers (Francisco, Javier and Luis) in 1993. The brothers had the foresight to move to organic and then biodynamic viticulture early on. All of the grapes are grown both organically and biodynamically – the vineyards have been certified organic since 1997 and biodynamic since 2012 because the brothers feel they get the best fruit this way. The dry and windy climate of La Mancha makes it easier to practice organic and biodynamic viticulture because fungal diseases are unable to thrive. The Verdejo has an exotic nose that verges on tropical fruit on the nose but retains a citrus zest on the palate. Intense fruit aromas and apple blossom are reflected on the palate with an additional hint of bitter almond.