Old Perth Sherry Cask Blend


Old Perth Sherry Cask follows on from the success of the Old Perth Original which is now on its 4th release. Our master blender, Kenneth MacKay, wanted to create a sherry cask whisky that was very much in the typical style you would expect but a much more competitive price. Due to the ever increasing popularity of scotch whisky matured in sherry casks and declining supply of sherry casks the price of sherry cask whisky has increased dramatically, this is why we created Old Perth Sherry Cask. The blend consists of 3 malt whiskies from the speyside and lowland regions. The casks used in the blend covers all three styles of sherry casks- Sherry Butt (500 litres) Sherry Puncheon (500 litres) and Sherry Hogshead (250 litres). All of the whiskies in Old Perth Sherry Cask have been matured in sherry casks for the entire maturation. There is also a significant historical connection between Old Perth and the sherry industry. In the late 19th century and throughout most of the 20th century, sherry was sold in significant volumes throughout Scotland. Grocers in Perth like Matthew Gloag and son would ship sherry to the UK in the cask for bottling in the UK and would then send the emptied casks to the distilleries to be filled whisky and left to mature. Throughout the 1970’s sherry was immensely popular and large volumes were shipped to the UK for bottling and the casks were subsequently filled with whisky.