Redman Cabernet Sauvignon 2013


I’ve been to many wine regions around the world and most in Australia however the Coonawarra region in South Australia close to the border with Victoria is one of the few that I have not made it to. We were very close during our adventures in 2000/01 but back then all we cared about was surfing and beer. Some Aussie pals of mine in North Berwick introduced me to the Redman Wines a few years back but it was only until recently that they were made available with in the UK. The Redmans have been making wine in this special little area for over 100 years, second only to John Riddoch who first planted vines here in 1890. When you say Coonawarra, you automatically think Cabernet Sauvignon, it really is a region that is synonymous with Cabernet and in Redman Wines you’re really looking at some of the best in the world. Wouldn’t it be cool if Daniel Redman, the fourth generation of Redman were to make an appearance in the shop sometime?? Well folks, Dan will be doing some informal in-store tasting between 2 – 5pm this very Saturday (1st July). I understand that £25 Coonawarra Cabernet may not be on everyones radar but why not come and see what top traditional winemaking from a top wine region is all about and from someone who knows better than anyone. A rare treat so we’ll see you on Saturday avo 2 -5pm.