REVEALED: Scotland’s other greatest whiskies


Whisky tasting

We have a few secrets to share with you…

We at Lockett Bros have decided to spill the beans and tell you the best of the best Scottish whiskies.

Before we go any further, it’s an impossible task, such is the quality of Scotland’s single malts.

As much as we think these whiskies are awesome, it is completely subjective. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

So, here are our top five Scottish whiskies, in no particular order. Of course, there’s another couple of dozen whiskies that could be on this list.

Old Pulteney 12-Year-Old

This 12-Year-Old was matured in an ex-bourbon cask creating an even smoother taste.

On the nose it gives off a crisp, clean scent with hints of botanical herbs such as parsley. It finishes with a nutty, almond scent.

On the palate, this Pulteney has a classic oaky taste, with fruit and nut tones. Stunning.

Carn Mor Auchentoshan 1989

One of our high-end whiskies and most definitely worthy of this list! A gorgeous 24-year-old, this single malt comes from a unique single cask that produced only 205 bottles.

It was originally distilled in October 1989 to be then bottled in 2014. This whisky has beautifully rich fruity tones giving an intense peach hit with an even sweeter nose of vanilla. One of Carn Mor’s ‘celebration of the cask’ collection.

 Highland Park

Another masterpiece from Carn Mor and also joining the Auchentoshan in the ‘celebration of the cask’ collection. Distilled in October 1989 and bottled just the same in 2014 producing 103 bottles. It is gloriously summery with citrus and grassy tones.

Highland Park is a bright, oaky toned in colour and is easy to drink with no sharp or overpowering notes. On the nose you can pick up floral hints with a little zesty grapefruit and lemon.

Springbank 10-Year-Old

A unique two and a half times distillation process adds beautiful something extra special to the drink. On the nose the Springbank is fresh and botanical with both a scent of honey and cucumber at the start to be finished by classic smoky peat aromas.

From bourbon barrels to finishing off in rich sherry barrels, there’s a slightly sweet tone with added lemon and zest and a long smoky finish.

Macallan 2005

Another younger cask but, c’mon it’s a Macallan.

It uses a combination of first and refill sherry casks to create delicate cherry characteristics with sweet tones of toffee and banana.

On the palate it has a fruity pear hit to start off, complimented by pineapple and orange peel, finished with a nutty chocolate encore.

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