Lukas Van Loggerenberg ‘Break a Leg’ Rosé 2020



We loved meeting Lukas Van Loggerenberg on our trip to South Africa in January 2017, one of the highlights of the entire trip. We eventually found him tucked away in a shed in the hills outside Stellenbosch. This wine is made from 100% Stellenbosch Cinsault and aptly named after a double dose of surgery on his knee whilst harvesting. The label also depicts a tortoise, to reflect the speed at which he was working, and a donkey for his stubbornness not to give in to doctors’ advice. Reminiscent of the very best of Provence Rosé. The juice was put straight into 2 old oak barrels for six months. This gives the wine amazing texture. Light and elegant with a lovely cranberry crunch. Tiny production levels so be sure not to miss out on this wonderful wine.