Meerlust Red 2017



For Bordeaux lovers those not looking the splurge this much on a bottle, Meerlust have a more reasonably priced Bordeaux blend that punches well above its weight in the form of Meerlust Red (£13 and £26 for magnum). Unlike the Cabernet Sauvignon dominated Rubicon, Meerlust Red is a more balanced blend with near equal proportions of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, with a small proportion of Petit Verdot adding a degree of inkiness. The high amount of Cabernet Franc is probably the aspect that distinguishes most from Bordeaux, with notes of redcurrent and pencil shavings being prominent on the nose. The ripe Merlot gives a satisfying roundness and approachability even in relative youth, with Cabernet Sauvignon adding weight and structure, without being overwhelmingly tannic. This is truly a great wine, particularly considering the price.

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