Kwaremont Beer


This is the first occasion that I’ve done a piece on a beer, strange seeing as we’re as enthusiastic about them as we are wine and whisky. We have an area dedicated craft producers, granted most are Scottish, however this piece is being allocated to one from the country whose name epitomizes beer production; Belgium. The Kwaremont is famous for being one of the most iconic stretches of road in world cycling. A steep 2.2km section of cobbles that comes towards the end of the 265km race of The Tour of Flanders. Imagine the excitement when I find myself on the Kwaremont for this year’s edition of the Tour of Flanders slurping on none other than Kwaremont beer watching the pros race past. So after weeks of messing around, a shipment of this brilliant Belgian beer has just arrived. Would it taste as good as on that wonderful spring day in the Flemish Ardennes?? OH YES!! It’s been a week and I...
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Why this Rugby World Cup won’t be all about beer


We all know that big sporting events go hand in hand with a good beer but we want to show you that it’s not all about hops. The Rugby World Cup, which kicks off tonight, will be a festival of sport and even self-confessed sports haters will struggle not to get swept up in it. Almost six weeks of world-class rugby will need some world-class drinks to enjoy it with. Beer will be most sport fans’ first thought when it comes to game-time drinks and we love a good beer as much as the next fan. But what if you’re not a beer fan? There’s a whole world of fantastic drinks to enjoy, from fine single malt whisky to rich and delicious wines to refreshing gins. There’s even vodka to be enjoyed! You’re only limited by your imagine. Tonight, after all the preambles and unnecessary ceremony is done with, hosts England will do battle with Fiji in the opening game....
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