Boozy gifts for that special person


Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re still struggling to find that perfect gift for a certain someone, we might have just saved your bacon! Buying someone a simple bottle of wine may seem a little bland for someone who means much more so we have carefully selected what we think are the best gifts for people who appreciate a little tipple. Stocking Filler – Lockett Bros coasters If you’re looking for something unique yet still conventional our range of coasters may be the gift for your friends and family. Like the top of a whisky cask, these coasters will fit perfectly in a Christmas stocking. In three different styles, you can choose from the Bass, Craigleith or Fidra design. Couple gift – Whisky Stave tea light holder Couples can be the hardest people to buy for. They may not have similar tastes, making it even harder to buy just one present which is never a good thing!...
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It’s the Lockett Bros Awards! Let’s drink to that!


It’s nearly the end of the year and what a year it has been! To celebrate in style, here at Lockett Brothers we decided to host our own awards ceremony for all the delicious whisky, wine and spirits you have enjoyed. When we say “host our own awards ceremony,” we mean write a blog. Ahem. So, let’s have a look at which wines and spirits we went a little bit nuts about this year. Wine of the Year So many exceptional wines enjoyed this year but our winner comes from our friends over in France. The Boisset Bourgogne Chardonnay is our choice, albeit a difficult one. Its fresh mineral character distinguishes it from the competitors. It is deeper than some of its classic contemporary whites and offers a polished acidity that is insanely good. Whisky of the Year Although this whisky was matured in 2003 and not bottled until 2013, it has still become our choice for whisky of 2015....
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Why this Rugby World Cup won’t be all about beer


We all know that big sporting events go hand in hand with a good beer but we want to show you that it’s not all about hops. The Rugby World Cup, which kicks off tonight, will be a festival of sport and even self-confessed sports haters will struggle not to get swept up in it. Almost six weeks of world-class rugby will need some world-class drinks to enjoy it with. Beer will be most sport fans’ first thought when it comes to game-time drinks and we love a good beer as much as the next fan. But what if you’re not a beer fan? There’s a whole world of fantastic drinks to enjoy, from fine single malt whisky to rich and delicious wines to refreshing gins. There’s even vodka to be enjoyed! You’re only limited by your imagine. Tonight, after all the preambles and unnecessary ceremony is done with, hosts England will do battle with Fiji in the opening game....
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Gin and food: The ultimate pairings


We all know about food pairings for our favourite wines but most of us aren’t so confident when it comes to pairing foods with spirits, such as gin. Gin has experienced an incredible resurgence over the last few years and is now arguably the most fashionable drink to enjoy in bars or at home. In Scotland alone, several world-class craft gin distilleries have popped up over recent years including NB Gin (distilled in North Berwick, the home of Lockett Bros) and Daffy’s Gin, which makes incredible use of Lebanese mint in its drink. When you think of gin, you probably first think about the classic Gin & Tonic and which garnishes to use, and you might even think of funky gin cocktails, but what food to eat? We doubt that even comes to mind. But it should. There are few more enjoyable treats than a big-hitting gin with a suitably matched menu. Of course, we at Lockett Bros are always...
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The rise and rise of craft gin


  There’s a revolution going on in spirits right now but you might have missed it. Gin is in. But not just any gin. Craft gin. The spirit is enjoying an incredible resurgence and, as if from nowhere, it has usurped vodka as the drink of choice for a whole new generation. The juniper-based drink has never been so popular and a recent survey of London-based bartenders revealed that more than half of them regard premium gin as the most important spirit on their shelves. It’s trendy and for a younger generation of drinkers, it’s absolutely the only drink to ask for at your favourite bar. Of course, much like craft beer, good craft gins are not always easy to find and big distillers are already trying to muscle in on the revolution with their own “craft” offerings. The discerning craft gin drinker has to be wary of the mass-produced imitations, a problem that faces craft beer connoisseurs. One Scottish...
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