Drinks to ensure fireworks at your bonfire party


Halloween is over and Christmas is not quite here yet, but Bonfire Night is tomorrow! Whether you’re having a big bang of a party or just a little gathering, make sure your drinks are on fire with our suggestions! The Sparkler To start the night off try The Sparkler. It’s a sharp drink and a real cracking way to really get your party started! For this you will need: Tequila, sparkling wine (we’d suggest Bortolomiol Prosecco Frizzante), raspberry liquor and lychee liquor. Simply combine 30ml of Tequila, 150ml of lychee liquor and 150ml of raspberry liquor in the bottom of a champagne flute and top it off with sparkling wine for a superb way to kick your night off!     Fire Cracker This simple-to-make drink will set the taste buds alight and get you in the mood for the  fireworks show. All you will need for this is: Vodka (go for Arbikie Potato Vodka), Blue Curacao and tonic. Mix...
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Vodka cocktails to blow your socks off


When it comes to cocktails, there is so much to choose from that you might be a little intimidated but many of them are easy to make – you’re only limited by your imagination so let it run riot! From classic to crazy, vodka cocktails have never gone out of fashion and they’re always delicious, especially when the summer weather is playing ball! At Lockett Bros, we put all the emphasis on quality and it’s no different with vodka choices. Thinking about using cheap vodka for a cocktail? Okay, you can leave the room! Sub-standard vodka will only result in a sub-standard cocktail, so just don’t do it! So which ones are the best? Well, of course, that’s a matter of taste, but here are three of our favourites. We’ve even suggested the best vodka to use in each of them. Vodka Martini Could you have a blog on vodka cocktails without a Vodka Martini? Of course not! It’s the...
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How to fake it as a wine expert


Are you a wine expert? If the answer is yes, then good for you. You know your stuff and you can hold your own with any wine connoisseurs. But what if you’re not an expert? You might love a good wine and you’re pretty good at knowing a decent one from a bad one but when it comes to the intricacies of wine tasting, that might be when you start to panic. Well, we’re here to help you! You might not want to spend hours researching wine trends and tasting notes. Perhaps you want to go for the quicker (some might say lazier) route and fake your way to being a wine expert. But how do you do it? Easy! Follow our tips and you can hold your own in any wine conversation, kind of. DISCLAIMER: If you’re found out to be a fraud, we at Lockett Bros won’t be held responsible for your public humiliation. Take your time and...
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Whisky tasting: How to do it properly


For those who enjoy a dram or two of some fine Scotch whisky, the idea of following a process when drinking might be a wee bit alien but, believe us, it can really enhance your whisky experience. The chances are you’ve spent a pretty penny on your latest bottle of single malt, so it’s just good sense (and good manners to the master producers who made it) that you take some time to appreciate what’s in your glass. If you think it’s unnecessary and pretentious, then that’s okay, but when have we ever came across as pretentious? Exactly! You can trust us! So, follow these steps and have a go yourself. We’d love to hear how you get on! Just remember that your whisky experience is subjective; there are no right or wrong answers and everyone’s tastes are different so relax and enjoy it, not that we need to tell you to enjoy whisky… The glass: Size is everything You’ve...
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