Vesevo Falanghina


When I’m not thinking about booze, my mind tends to meander onto cycling and as the Giro d’italia (cycling’s Tour of Italy) enters it’s second week I thought it might be fun to focus on something Italian. As I write this, the Giro has just past though Campania, home to one of my all time favourite white wines, Vesevo Falanghina. It’s likely that I’ve written about this wine in the past but this only emphasizes my passion for it and the need I have to get the message across for everyone to at least try a bottle. The vineyards are situated between 450-550 metres above sea level and benefit from a cool breeze that blows off the Bay of Naples. This same breeze has, over the centuries, blown volcanic ash from Vesuvius inland, giving the soil here a volcanic character rich in minerals and trace elements. This lends a great depth of flavour to the grapes. Low temperature fermentation has retained the...
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Focus on Italian wines


It’s been said before, but Italians really know how to live and much of that is about good food and good wine. Yes, we can learn a lot from the Italians! Italy is blessed with some of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world and if you’re looking for a wine holiday, you would be hard pushed to find a better destination. That inviting climate, the stunning settings, the people and the wine… oh, the wine! And the food! Can you tell that we love Italy? Italy is still the world’s largest wine producer in terms of volume and, of course, it would be a sweeping generalisation to say it was all great, but trust us when we say that a great proportion of it is spectacular. Italy has 20 defined wine regions and they all offer something slightly different. Variety is the spice of life, according to the Italians and wine lovers could spend a month in the country...
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