Vodka cocktails to blow your socks off


When it comes to cocktails, there is so much to choose from that you might be a little intimidated but many of them are easy to make – you’re only limited by your imagination so let it run riot! From classic to crazy, vodka cocktails have never gone out of fashion and they’re always delicious, especially when the summer weather is playing ball! At Lockett Bros, we put all the emphasis on quality and it’s no different with vodka choices. Thinking about using cheap vodka for a cocktail? Okay, you can leave the room! Sub-standard vodka will only result in a sub-standard cocktail, so just don’t do it! So which ones are the best? Well, of course, that’s a matter of taste, but here are three of our favourites. We’ve even suggested the best vodka to use in each of them. Vodka Martini Could you have a blog on vodka cocktails without a Vodka Martini? Of course not! It’s the...
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Summer wines to get your party started


Summer is just around the corner… apparently, so we thought it was about time to have a look at some of the best wines to enjoy at your summer parties and barbeques. When the mercury starts to rise (from 4 to 8C if you’re in the UK) and you feel like enjoying life al fresco then there are certain wines that you just have to have. It would be very easy to wheel out the old favourites and look for the usual characteristics – crisp, light and clean but they don’t always have to be what you’re looking for in a summer wine. So, with that in mind, here are five of favourites for a rocking summer party. Dandelion Vineyards Shiraz Our team loved this exciting little number so much that we made it our wine of the week a while back. That love hasn’t been lost. There’s a Christmas pudding-like spice flow out of the glass with this Shiraz and...
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