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You may request a copy of these terms by writing to Lockett Bros, 133 High Street, North Berwick, EH39 4HB, or by calling us on 01620 890799.


The promotion does not constitute an offer to sell the product described or any products at all. We will at all times adhere to any legal restrictions imposed on us in connection with the sale, and the offering for sale, of alcohol.

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We reserve the right not to accept your order, in which case we will not have any further obligation to you.

We may accept the whole or part of your order, both in respect of the kinds of products ordered and the quantity of products ordered. The price will be reduced accordingly.

We will notify you by email when your order is submitted to us. We will debit your account with the appropriate amount in full on accepting your order. We will be deemed not to have accepted your order until we have debited your account. Even if we accept your order, there will not be any agreement between us if you are under the age of 18 years at the time you submit your order. The sale of the products will occur at the place and the time that particular products are allocated to your order.

We may debit your account for more than the amount stated in the promotion to reflect any increase in the cost of the products for reasons beyond our reasonable control – for example, because of increases in duty or taxation, or adverse currency fluctuations. Any increase in the price will be fair and proportionate.

Our obligation is to deliver the products at the delivery address you have specified in your order to a person who appears to be over the age of 18 and who appears to be authorised to take delivery. We will not despatch the products until we have received cleared funds. Delivery is not available on public holidays. We may deliver the products at any time during the day.

We may use an independent carrier. If there is no one to accept the delivery of your order a card will be left by the carrier so you can arrange a delivery time, directly with the carrier. Ultimately, if the carrier is unable to deliver your order it will be returned to us and you will be charged for it to be redespatched.

All wines are supplied in 75cl bottles and all spirits in 70cl bottles unless otherwise stated.


We will not have any responsibility or liability for the non-delivery of any products unless either a) all of the products charged for are not delivered, or b) you give us full details of the shortages within 7 working days of the part delivery.

Our total liability to you for the non-delivery of any products is limited to delivering the products to you within 10 days of your telling us about the non-delivery or, at our option, crediting your account with the value of the products not delivered plus the delivery charge. We reserve the right to substitute a product of equal or higher value in the event of supply difficulties. Vintages may vary from those shown.

Our total liability to you in respect of any substitute products which you have told us are not acceptable to you is limited to crediting your account with the amount debited to your account in respect of the substitute products. If the substitute goods are not of a similar kind, and of an equal or higher value, as those described in the promotion we will also credit your account with the delivery charge.

We will not have any responsibility or liability in connection with any defects in the quality of the products unless you give us full details of the defects within 7 days of when the defect ought to have been apparent to you.

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