The rise and rise of craft gin


NB Gin


There’s a revolution going on in spirits right now but you might have missed it. Gin is in.

But not just any gin. Craft gin. The spirit is enjoying an incredible resurgence and, as if from nowhere, it has usurped vodka as the drink of choice for a whole new generation.

The juniper-based drink has never been so popular and a recent survey of London-based bartenders revealed that more than half of them regard premium gin as the most important spirit on their shelves.

It’s trendy and for a younger generation of drinkers, it’s absolutely the only drink to ask for at your favourite bar.

Of course, much like craft beer, good craft gins are not always easy to find and big distillers are already trying to muscle in on the revolution with their own “craft” offerings.

The discerning craft gin drinker has to be wary of the mass-produced imitations, a problem that faces craft beer connoisseurs.

One Scottish craft gin distiller that is most certainly all about quality is North Berwick-based NB Gin.

The company was formed by husband and wife team Steve and Viv Muir with the sole aim of creating a bespoke, traditional-style gin that never compromised on quality, flavour or taste.

Steve and Viv take their craft product extremely seriously and every ingredient and part of the process is about producing a gin of the highest quality. That is the essence of any craft drink, be it a spirit, beer or cider.

NB produce small batches of less than 100 litres at a time to ensure longevity of aromas and balance of flavours. What you end up with in your glass is an exciting burst of clean citrus followed by warm, earthy notes. A dash of pepper spice is complemented by subtle zests of orange. All are rounded off with a final flourish of juniper.

But why gin? What is it about this particular spirit has turned it into such a phenomenal hit with drinkers again?

There are many factors behind it no doubt but perhaps two that stand out are a desire for quality produce and apathy towards the standard spirit fare.

There is an undeniable shift towards quality food and drink with a strong emphasis on craft offerings.

A whole army of consumers out there will no longer accept mass-produced unethically sourced food and drink.

Craft foods and drinks, in a whole range of categories, are now reaping the rewards for the time and effort they put into their produce.

Secondly, vodka has been the bar kingpin forever, and some would say that’s too long.

Modern drinkers had become jaded by the same old, same old that comes with vodka.

Vodka will never fall completely out of fashion but for the foreseeable future gin is the drink of choice and the drink to be seen with for many people.

Of course, another major factor behind craft gin’s success is it is absolutely delicious!

Have you ever tried a gin and tonic? It’s a drink that’s as old as the hills but perhaps you never considered ordering one in a bar or making one yourself.

Today should be the day you change all that! A G&T, with a quality craft gin like NB Gin and a good quality tonic – perhaps with a slice – and a little ice really will take you to another place after a long, hard week.

You will wonder why you didn’t make it your drink of choice years ago. It really is that good.

Not a tonic fan? Fine. That subtle, citrus, aromatic gin absolutely sings on its own, or even better, with a couple of ice cubes for company.

Join the revolution today. Order your gin here or pop into our North Berwick store at 133 High Street. Enjoy!