Things that will definitely happen on Christmas Day…


Lockett Bros Christmas dinner

Christmas is a day devoted to stereotypes and clichés, no matter how hard you try to avoid them.

From eating the Christmas dinner to gathering round the TV, Christmas is a time when families reunite and settle down into the classic traditions that occur once every year.

Here are 20 things that are more than likely to happen on your Christmas day.

The ‘emergency chairs’ once again make an appearance as the extended family have joined your six-seater dining table, but somehow you all squeeze in… even if there is a height difference.

The contents of those crackers you buy every year will still be just as bad…but you still buy them.

The period just after eating dinner when the adults are cleaning up, the kids are running wild with their new toys and the elders are…fast asleep on the sofa.

That ‘special’ bottle of single malt whisky that dad has kept on the highest shelf, not to be opened “unless it’s a special occasion” has finally been opened…but not shared!

The chocolate tin forever making an appearance. No matter how full you are of turkey and sprouts, there’s always room for a strawberry crème.

Mentally challenging yourself to finish that heap of food on your plate, knowing your way past your threshold but it’s the meal you’ve been dreaming of all year.

When you start drinking more wine than putting in the cooking.

Playing the classic game of Charades only because the adults have finally relaxed after the dinner…or they’ve had too much to drink.

That one family member getting way too competitive in Trivial Pursuit.

The comment, “You’ve grown so much” or “Look how big you are” from gran, followed by a story that begins with “Well, I remember when you were…” Leave it gran, I’m 34.

Having to ‘pop’ a button to make room for the classic trifle.

The crescendo of fake laughs turning into actual laughs as a Christmas cracker joke is shared.

Pretending to get on with a distant relative whilst gulping down some more mulled wine.

The living room turning into a swimming pool full of ripped up wrapping paper.

Emptying the dishwasher to find two ceramic dishes that you don’t own.

The ‘classic’ stories your granddad tells every Christmas. Going to need more booze for this bit.

Somehow, no matter how careful you are someone always manages to spill a drink on the table. Are we blaming the alcohol or the children this time?

One of the kids is bound to find that big cardboard box that contained a sparkly new bike more entertaining than the bike itself.

There is still time to get your Christmas drinks stocked up for the big day.

Lockett Brothers has a comprehensive range of drinks, perfect for Christmas day. Have a look online or pop into our store at 133 High Street, North Berwick.

Merry Christmas!