Vodka cocktails to blow your socks off


Vodka cocktails

When it comes to cocktails, there is so much to choose from that you might be a little intimidated but many of them are easy to make – you’re only limited by your imagination so let it run riot!

From classic to crazy, vodka cocktails have never gone out of fashion and they’re always delicious, especially when the summer weather is playing ball!

At Lockett Bros, we put all the emphasis on quality and it’s no different with vodka choices. Thinking about using cheap vodka for a cocktail? Okay, you can leave the room! Sub-standard vodka will only result in a sub-standard cocktail, so just don’t do it!

So which ones are the best? Well, of course, that’s a matter of taste, but here are three of our favourites. We’ve even suggested the best vodka to use in each of them.

Vodka Martini lemon garnish

Vodka Martini

Could you have a blog on vodka cocktails without a Vodka Martini? Of course not! It’s the ultimate classic and if it was good enough for 007, then it should bloody well be good enough for you!

How it’s done

60ml of Arbikie Potato Vodka

15ml of Vermouth

Twist of lemon peel to garnish

Pour the Vermouth and vodka into a mixing glass and cram in lots of ice. Stir well (or shake if your name’s Bond… James Bond) then strain into a small Martini glass.

Add the lemon peel garnish and enjoy. Feel free to do lots of bad Sean Connery impressions at this point.


English Rose

For a refreshing summer cocktail, you can’t look past the English Rose. It uses a fair amount of ingredients but it’s not difficult and it’s definitely worth the effort! If you’re having a garden cocktail party in the last of the summer weather, try it!

How it’s done

35ml of Belvedere Vodka

Dash of strawberry liqueur

50ml of rose wine

A few raspberries

1 strawberry

Dash of lemon juice

2 tsp of sugar

Sprig of mint

Throw the lemon juice, strawberries and raspberries into a shaker and quickly mash with the end of a rolling pin.

Add the rest of the ingredients with lots and lots of ice and shake it like you mean it.

Strain the drink into a large glass filled with ice and garnish with the mint. You could even add a few more raspberries if you’re feeling adventurous. This is also an epic cocktail with gin.

Summertime Sally cocktailSummer Time Sally

Staying with the summer theme (come on, it’s nearly over so humour us) we have another beauty with a little twist here.

This cocktail uses the world’s first London Dry Citrus Vodka by our friends at NB (of NB Gin fame).  The bonus is you could do it with your eyes closed… but don’t do that.

How it’s done

25ml of NB London Dry Citrus Vodka

Cream Soda

Cucumber slice

Ice cubes

A good measure of NB Vodka is topped with Cream Soda and then garnished with a cucumber slice. Lots of ice cubes in a highball glass set the scene for this refreshing firecracker.

If you want to know more about spirits, keep an eye on this blog or why not pop into the store at 133 High Street, North Berwick, and see the guys. Cheers!