Why this Rugby World Cup won’t be all about beer


Rugby World Cup 2

We all know that big sporting events go hand in hand with a good beer but we want to show you that it’s not all about hops.

The Rugby World Cup, which kicks off tonight, will be a festival of sport and even self-confessed sports haters will struggle not to get swept up in it.

Almost six weeks of world-class rugby will need some world-class drinks to enjoy it with.

Beer will be most sport fans’ first thought when it comes to game-time drinks and we love a good beer as much as the next fan. But what if you’re not a beer fan?

There’s a whole world of fantastic drinks to enjoy, from fine single malt whisky to rich and delicious wines to refreshing gins. There’s even vodka to be enjoyed! You’re only limited by your imagine.

Tonight, after all the preambles and unnecessary ceremony is done with, hosts England will do battle with Fiji in the opening game.

Twenty teams will compete for the prized Webb Ellis Cup and our home nations will be doing all they can to make it a tournament to remember in their own backyard.

So over the next six weeks, by all means grab a few of your favourite beers to settle down and enjoy the big games, but consider something else for a moment.

At Lockett Bros, we love to talk about all the wonderful drinks there are out there to enjoy. So let us suggest a few other crackers for you to consider.

A refreshing gin and tonic

Gin has gone through an incredible resurgence over the last few years as more craft and artisan distilleries pop up all over the UK.

Scotland has been at the epicentre of this latest gin revolution and we are lucky to have brands like NB Gin and Daffy’s right on our doorstep. In fact, gin could be the other Scottish national drink! Grab a G&T if you’re cheering on the Scots during this Rugby World Cup.

A big rich wine

It’s getting a big cooler now so the crisp and bubbly options you might have plumped for in summer are probably out. Of course, if your team does the business at this Rugby World Cup, you might want to break out the bubbly.

A high-tempo game might be all the more enjoyable with a big, powerful Pinot Noir, for example. Wine and rugby might seem like an odd pairing but we think it goes together like Dan Carter and the All Blacks (non-rugby fans, Google it).

Vodka can hit the spot

The Rugby World Cup, like any big sporting event, is a bit like a big festival. Get into that spirit by knocking together some epic vodka cocktails. They could even be the perfect drink for the opening ceremony and first game tonight!

Oh go on, have a beer then

Okay, so if we haven’t persuaded you to try some different drinks for this tournament, go and grab a few beers, but make them good ones!

There are some sensational beers out there, thanks in part to the craft beer revolution of the last 10 years. We’re huge fans of Knops Beer, brewed just down the road from our store!

Whatever you drink during this Rugby World Cup, enjoy it!

It’s game time!

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